Lina Misaka replied

227 weeks ago

Hello everyone ! Well as the title of the thread says, i'm back after a loooong break (2-3 years) until i go to FFXIV ARR.

Let me introduce myself, i'm a French player (I'm sorry for my english it might hurt your eyes..) i'm actually 23 years old (24 in august), who started to play on FFXI since the begining of the game,then due to personal issues i had to stop playing MMO for a long time.

Now i'm back and almost free like a bird !

I hope you guys will accept to let me join your Linkshell,
It's been a while since i played FFXI so i don't remember all my job's level, but i know that i have 4-5 jobs over 75, my main job being WHM. I like to help other ppl who need help on COP and zilart missions. I left without doing any WOTG mission…

Well i think that's it, I hope to see you guys IG soon (actually dling the update which takes 5h…)

edit : Oh i'm playing on the FFXIV ARR beta so if you guys want to stick together tell me your server name and i'll join you on the next phase!

Ashbery Admin replied

227 weeks ago

Welcome Dragonkiing!

Thank you for showing interest in Retrospect. I wish I could say that our LS was thriving in FFXI, however, due to people leaving the game, or moving on to different content, our LS is not what it once was.

However, our core leadership team is setting the foundation for a complete switch to FFXIV. We started playing Phase 3 of the beta last weekend, and will hopefully get to play this weekend. Currently, for beta, we are playing on Cactuar server. My name is Ashbery Archimboldi, or Ashbery Arden, depending on which character I'm playing. Feel free to ask for a pearl.

When FFXIV launches, we will be playing on Sargatanas server. There will be a world transfer, free of charge, starting very soon for those players wishing to play their 1.0 characters at launch. Please keep an eye on the website for more details in the days to come.

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