Rian Officer replied

203 weeks ago

Hi everyone, I dunno if anyone still frequents here but I wanted to put this out. I miss you all. Every single one of you. Granted we were a rag tag group of people, but I felt like I belonged with you all. You made me feel like I wasn't weird or a nerd. I love you Ashbery, Sofia, Glitterbug, Teyra, IceT, Shoyru, Pezkush, Noloyolo, Tigraine, Pugofmidgard, even Monarc and Pewpew who I didn't know until later. I feel like we have all scattered like leaves to the wind, and it makes me sad. I am currently playing FFXI and FFXIV because I don't have a life and I'm a stay at home mom now. I will always keep you guys with me, but I really hope maybe some of us can come back together to do what we love again. Ashbery and I are going to be playing XI to complete CoP, WotG, ToAU, and maybe some more expansions. If you have serious intention of joining us please speak up. ~huggles~ Etaine (Rachel)

ice Officer replied

202 weeks ago

The leaves metaphor seems strange to me because I never really went anywhere. When a pile of leaves ends up getting scattered by the wind, are there still leaves that never move from their original position?

Last time I posted it was something about not fitting properly anymore or something. I never did. I didn't then. I don't now. Still, I check the site regularly because my time with Retrospect was the last period of my life that possessed any sort of substance. Not saying much. Still, had some good times. Ruined everything. Oh well. I do that. I like to try and convince myself that maybe it's not just me. Maybe it isn't. Maybe it is.

Only really posting at this point to say that I'll be playing again once the free period starts, if it matters. Always really liked you Etaine even though we were both very different types of people and I could never reciprocate drunken half-hearted feelings. I don't feel things like that. It's all or nothing for me.

If you want, feel free to hit me up during that time. Up to you. If you need help with something, or just want to talk. Well, I've never been good at talking to people, but whatever. Otherwise, I'll probably just be trying to get Siani w legs or something. Bye.

Rian Officer replied

202 weeks ago

Hey, long time no see Ice. Currently having laptop issues. So I might be in XI today, just depends on if I can get my laptop to cooperate. I'll try your mumble channel too. *huggles* Etaine

Wren Darkcloud replied

201 weeks ago

Nice to see you guys. I have been in FFXIV since beta 3, so far it has been fun. I do wish at times to come back to FFXI but I think Mrkil is finally going to be retired from that game for good. Who knows one day he will be back, so I will leave it open for now :).

You can keep track of me on the lodestone or here, I do check here once in a while.


Take care.

<3 Mrkil
The Original DRK Taru of Asura - Wren FFXI

Wren Darkcloud - Adamantoise Server FFXIV

Bootus Default replied

201 weeks ago

So, I'm well aware that MANY of you may not recognize my name… but I was in the shell back in the FFXI days, and I've just gone on Winter Break at school and wanted to see about FFXIV. I just checked in here, and am really sad to see that our family is broken up, but I'd like to know if I should get into FFXIV.

How's the gameplay? I'd like to get in to another MMO, but I don't really want another WoW-esque game. I actually rather enjoyed the slow-paced combat of FFXI, although the interface was a little rough.

Rian Officer replied

201 weeks ago

I enjoy crafting and gathering in XIV. That being said, the battle/questing is very WoW-esque and you probably wouldn't like it. FATE grinding is pretty rough, but your first 50 you use the story quests to get you up. I really enjoy crafting and gathering in XIV. IT is much easier for me to make money in XIV than it is XI. I have Culinarian to 50 and Fisherman to 50. I like being apart of something that I'm not constantly behind on. XI I feel like I am so far behind it is insane. I will be playing XI during the maintenance on XIV, but I'm not sure if I'll be sticking around or not.
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